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FNB Insurance BrokersAs a member of First Rand Bank Limited, FNB Insurance Brokers came about from the many evolving branches of the company.  FNB Insurance brokers offer their clients personal and business insurance options through different policies and choices as to meet the need of each client of FNB Insurance Brokers.

When attaining FNB Insurance, the client is offered their personal insurance broker to help them in deciding what the client’s needs are in terms of insurance, and which FNB Insurance Brokers policy would best suit their needs.  FNB Insurance Brokers personal insurance cover includes legal costs, personal liability, personal accident and premium compensation in occurrence of accident, sickness, death, as well as retrenchment.  With these personal insurance gains, FNB Insurance Brokers also gives their clients added benefits, such as variable excess which is based on the clients profile, wide-ranging audio-visual equipment coverage as well as cover for fridge and freezer content in the occurrence of a power failure.

FNB Insurance Brokers also offers comprehensive business insurance.  The policies are formed to suit the specific needs of the client’s business needs.  There are five different underwriters offered to the clients by FNB Insurance brokers for their “First for Business” insurance policy, which include many benefits pertaining to the business.  These include money stolen from safes after hours, cover for employees vehicles, electronic equipment coverage, glass cover and cover for office theft and the damage therefrom, to name a few.

To get more information on FNB Insurance Brokers, they can be contacted on 011 645 8000, or visit their informative website on
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