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Professor Ivor Chipkin

Ivor Chipkin is a thought leader in government and public policy both abroad and in South Africa. He received his PHD at Ecole Normale Superieure in France and has been a key player in policy development in the shift from Apartheid.

Chipkin has been instrumental in the contribution to the understanding of corruption in South Africa. Having been one of the lead authors on the first-ever report on State Capture in South Africa has given him first-hand experience on what measures should be developed to combat the corruption in this country.

Ivor Chipkin heads up GAPP, the Think-Tank on government and public policy in South Africa. GAPP is built on the foundation that forming independent administrations is imperative to a long-term survival plan for South Africa.

Aptly named CTRL, ALT, DEL : Resetting Government, GAPP’s most recent project offers up insights into how the South African government has dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic and what solutions can be put in place. The initiative which is facilitated by Ivor Chipkin and his colleagues, argues that there are certain things that need to be controlled, some need alternatives and some should definitely be deleted.

According to the initiative, there has been so much attention, thought and research placed on how to manage the Covid-19 virus medically and what measures should be put in place to control the spread, however, there has been little to no consideration on what emergency government measures have been put in place to ensure effective coordination between departments and businesses involved, to ensure effective and ethical procurement and to prevent corruption.

With the Zondo commission concluding in the next couple of months, it will be in a position to draw up conclusions regarding state capture and corruption. Due to most of the evidence pointing to faults in government processes, the commission could soon be reforming government. There is a strong possibility of paving the way for a transformed South African state in future.

The Covid-19 challenge for our government is extensive. How does South Africa prevent the virus from spreading and how do they guarantee ethical coordination between departments when implementing plans? Reliable resources and sufficient and effective information is needed to inform regulations and plans. Resources need to allocated and distributed through numerous departments, agencies and institutions. Doing this right is a matter of life or death. The future of South Africa depends on it.

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