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Purchasing a new car

When purchasing a new car make sure that it’s insured before driving it off the dealer’s floor. If you are financing the car then it will be required for you to have car insurance before you will be allowed to take delivery of the new car.

Fit an alarm

Fit an approved alarm and immobiliser, as all improvements to security should help to lower your car insurance costs. Some insurers could even insist on sophisticated tracking devices before they will insure expensive cars.

Minimise your optional extras

Only select to have a courtesy car hire or legal expenses if you really need them, as they may increase your premium. The less your motor insurance company has to provide in the event of an accident, the lower your costs.

Possible discounts

Discuss all your car insurance options with your car insurance company to find out how you can save on you insurance premium. After market alarm systems, tracking systems and anti hijack systems could save you quite a lot on your monthly car insurance premium by lowering your risk profile.

Take out the right insurance cover

Make sure that your car is insured for the correct use. If you simply use your car to and from work then you can take out car insurance for private use but if you use your car to see clients or transport goods you will need to take out business use car insurance. This is due to the fact that your car insurance risk profile increases if you drive and use your car more often.

Regular driver

Ensure that the person who drives that car the most is the person for whom the car is insured. This could have an influence on the excess of your car insurance if the car is in an accident with a driver other than the regular driver.


Always make sure that you specifically add any additional accessories to be covered by your car insurance policy. Your car insurance company will not cover you for these items if you don’t specifically specify what they are. This may include mag rims, special interior trims, tow bars, window tints and even metallic paint

Car Inspection

Some car insurance companies might require that you take your car to a car inspection centre of their choice to be inspected. Make sure you do this and that you keep a copy of the inspection certificate as this might have an influence on your future car insurance claims.

Know your car insurance terms and conditions

Make sure that you are always familiar with your car insurance terms and conditions so that you know what you are covered for. This will also enable you to better manage your risks by changing your car insurance policy to cover you to the best extent.

Do not tow

If it is part of your car insurance company’s policy that only authorised towing companies tow your car, you need to confirm that you have the “Do not tow” sticker in your car to make sure your car is not towed by an unauthorised towing company when you are not able to make arrangements for your car.

Be careful where you park

Keep your car parked in a locked garage overnight if you can – this can help reduce the premium. More than 50% of vehicle thefts occur during the night so if your car is safely locked away it makes sense that your insurance costs will be reduced as a consequence. If you don’t have access to a garage, then parking on a driveway is generally considered a lower risk than parking on the road.

In case of an accident

Make sure that you take all the insurance details from both parties involved in the accident. Also make sure that you report it to the police within 24 hours of the accident. This is needed for you to make a valid car insurance claim.


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