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Do you SMS while driving?

SMSing while driving is not recommended – all drivers around the world know it, nevertheless continue to do it and cause accidents.

The efforts to combat this phenomenon has increased and failed. Failed so badly that some countries and companies are considering to use a new technology to avoid drivers using their cellphones while driving.

Game designer “ Holden Link” decided to try another way to raise awareness of the dangers of smsing while driving, last weekend he published a new game called “SMS Racing”. The game is based on the Unity game engine, intended for easy creation of advanced three-dimensional graphic computer games. It is a kind of race monotherapy (single player), the driver is required to drive along a winding road while answering text messages coming from an iPhone-like device in the car during the game.

A predetermined message is sent to your mobile device and you have 10 seconds to reply, If you do not answer this message you get disqualified, you will need to press shift to view the message which will block your view of the road. It is likely that the car will steer off the road, hit a rail or even roll over – and that’s without other cars and pedestrians included.

Many responded to the game which was created in just two days at the Ludlum Dare Competition . Enthusiastic about the idea some expressed the hope that the game will be able to send the message out , while others complained that it does not represent reality , saying that the view of the driver should allow him to see both the phone and the road at the same time.

In YouTube , a heated argument ensued between various participants , but there were two cynical reactions : one was from a visitor who wrote “Now I can practice before I go out and try it ” , while the other wrote ” It is only a matter of time before someone will play it while driving .”
Following the many responses , Link is considering to develop a full version of the game that might offer a more realistic illustration of the driving experience . Meanwhile he asks users to express their opinions about what the right way to develop the game would be without making it the car race game version of “ The Need For Speed”

Link to the game:

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