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Santam Insurance

Holding almost 30 per cent of the market share in the South African short-term insurance industry, Santam Insurance is a leading company in South Africa, and seen as the biggest player in its industry.  The delivery of Santam’s products to their commercial, corporate and personal markets is done mainly by its extensive broker network.  Offering a wide range of products, Santam aims to provide comprehensive insurance cover at competitive rates.

Santam offers personal insurance that is tailor-made for the typical South African customer.  Within the personal insurance, there are other products available to the consumer.  These include Santam Multiplex which is a flexible insurance policy that covers most aspects of the consumer’s life, and Santam MultiMotor, which is an insurance product for motor coverage where the Santam consumer can choose the level of coverage.

The commercial insurance that Santam offers also has a wide range of solutions and policies for small business owners, right through to large corporate companies.  Farmers can also be included in the commercial insurance target.  As additional products of Santam commercial insurance solutions, there are specialized business insurance policies on offer as well.

These include Sanatm Agriculture for farmers and those involved in agriculture, Mediplex for those clients who are involved in the medical profession, as well as Dentiplex for those who are in the dentistry medical profession.  There is also a Vinoplex policy offered by Santam for those involved in the vine industry, Umbrella Liability to handle the legal fees declared on a client, as well as Transport Insurance which is aimed at the businesses that use heavy commercial vehicles and who are in the transport contractors business.  Commercial insurance is the main business of Santam Insurance making up 60 per cent of its business line.

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7 Responses to “Santam Insurance”

  1. andile says:

    I want to insure my bmw 318i year2005 model send me quotations.

  2. brendan iyer says:

    please send me a qoutation for my hyundai getz 1.4 HS 2007, the vehicle is not modified and is standard, is paid off, am looking for fully comprehensive cover with low premiums.

  3. Charlene says:

    Please send me a quote on a Nissan Tiida 2007 full house

  4. tshilidzi israel says:

    hi,would like to be sent a qoutation on my vw jetta 5,2011 model, 1.4tsi

  5. jabu sithole says:

    Requesting quotation on a mini cooper 2007

  6. andile says:

    Like a quotation for polo vivo hatch 2013

  7. Hi I need a quote for a 2015 Kia Rio 1.4 Hatch. It has 2 vehicle tracking devices in it

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