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Unity Insurance

Marketing towards the recently empowered black South African, Unity Insurance aims to establish a working environment through its insurance solutions to their target market that will not only attract them, but also to retain the skilled people in South Africa from all the respective sectors in the country’s economy.  Unity Insurance was created in 2004, and intends to progress the Black-empowered clients options through their insurance products at the lower end of the South African market.

There are many shareholders that represent the Unity Insurance, and their interests and concerns for the insurance needs of the Black-empowered market.  These shareholders include Assupol Life, Amalgum Investment Twenty, MBF Investments, Embomini Holdings, Mpande Investment Holdings as well as Motse Capital.  The Unity Insurance Company follows the Black Economic Empowerment guidelines by being 49.9 per cent Black owned and respecting the directions thereof.  A large amount of experience and advice is given to Unity Insurance through their shareholder, Telesure Invetsment Holdings, which owns 50.1 per cent of Unity Insurance and has over twenty years of experience in the industry.

The insurance solutions that Unity Insurance offers to their clients include cover for vehicles, motorcycle, watercrafts, trailers and caravans.  There are also products of portable possessions cover, home contents cover, buildings cover as well as coverage for businesses.

To get into contact with Unity Insurance one can phone their call centre on 0860103939 between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday.  More information can also be found on their website, or

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6 Responses to “Unity Insurance”

  1. Andrew A. Sailer says:

    I liked this blog very much it gives me inspiration to do something more. This is a blog which is full of great knowledge and it is really a good work to share our knowledge with others. Great Job…

  2. Yuette Chamberlin says:

    After studying this I assumed it was very informative. I respect you taking the time to put this blog piece together. I once once more discover myself spending solution to a lot time each reading and commenting. What ever, it was nonetheless price it

  3. Katharina Posto says:

    When i visit a blog, chances are that i get disappointed. On the contrary,I could honestly say that you writting is decent and your website solid.

  4. Thuli Mushi says:

    request for car insurance quote for a renault megane 1.6 shake it 2008 model.

  5. David says:

    unity insurace are nothing but corn artists who make people people pay hefty premium particularly the guy called Gaddafi i only know the guy from our telephone conversations but he is a rude heartless man who care less about client but how much he steal from them.

  6. eE6VT5Wcqben says:

    Great read, thanks for the car insurance info

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