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The car insurance industry in South Africa is a large and growing sector of our business sphere. Car insurance in South Africa is always needed and is of great benefit to the client.  The process of car insurance South Africa has become that much easier and more accessible to the client as to enhance customer satisfaction and return.  Not only has the prospective client got the option of a traditional broker for car insurance in South Africa, but they can also use the internet and get online quotes for free and organise the taking out of the car insurance policy in South Africa.

The online car insurance industry in South Africa is a relatively new market; however it has taken the industry by storm, dominating the insurance process.  The prospective clients usually find the online car insurance process in South Africa that much easier and fast, making for effective and pleasant insurance attainment.

The car insurance in South Africa today usually includes insurance for both personal and business vehicles, theft or fire, damage, accidental care, accessory insurance, third party insurance, maintenance insurance, medical and legal insurance as well as insurance for specialised types of cars.  The options that are made available to the client are of the discrepancy of the car insurance company in South Africa that is used, and would be present to the client as such.  The different options would be presented to the client through the car insurance internet sites in South Africa by means of their resource companies available.
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Interested in purchasing car insurance in South Africa? There are various options from which to choose. Generally, those who take out car insurance in South Africa opt for a comprehensive insurance package.  By having comprehensive insurance on your motor vehicle you ensure you’re covered should anything happen, regardless of who is at fault. And most car insurance companies in South Africa include 24-hour emergency assistance benefits, such as roadside, medical and legal services, in their insurance package.

One is usually able to select from the following options when looking to purchase car insurance in South Africa:

Comprehensive cover

This car insurance cover includes the following:

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft and hijacking
  • Accidental death or injuries of third parties, damage to third party property accessories.

Third party fire and theft

This car insurance cover is ideal for individuals whose vehicle’s financial agreement has been settled and the car’s value is relatively low. This option covers:

  • Theft and hijacking
  • Accidental death or injuries of third parties, damage to third party property
  • Damage from fire, lightning or explosions.


Third party

To be able to select Third Party car insurance in South Africa, one’s vehicle’s financial agreement must be settled. This car insurance option covers:

  • Accidental third party property damage
  • Death or injury on privately owned motor cars.

Comprehensive off-road vehicle

This car insurance option includes:

  • Cover whilst driving through most SADC countries
  • Insure for retail value, replaced if stolen and less than 12 months old
  • Cover for the spare wheel and cell phone
  • Cover for medical expenses should anything happen to you whilst driving.

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