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Since the launch of OUTsurance in 1998, it has continually made headlines for positive reasons.  They are seen as a cost effective and proactive direct insurance provider, a leader in its field in South Africa.  OUTsurance is part of the RMBH First Rand group of companies, giving it an extensive resource basis to provide quality services and ensure customer satisfaction.

OUTsurance focus on two areas of insurance, namely personal insurance and business insurance.  The personal insurance provided by OUTsurance is aimed at the general public.  Included options are vehicle insurance; this is available to the client for any vehicle for comprehensive fire, theft and liability insurance.  There is also ‘Essential OUTsurance’ which is aimed at older vehicles.  The buildings insurance of OUTsurance covers building on the insured property, including swimming pools, gates and piping.  Contents insurance is also offered in case of damage or theft.  OUTsurance offers a personal accident insurance option which covers the client and their family in the case of death or disability.  Another personal insurance option of OUTsurance is watercraft insurance.  This includes insurance for recreational water vehicles in the case of accidents, theft, liability, salvage and medical expenses for injuries while using the vehicle.

Business Insurance provided by OUTsurance covers business vehicles, buildings, contents, electronic equipment, personal accident cover, business interruption insurance, public liability cover, employers liability cover, employee dishonesty insurance and watercraft insurance.

To get into contact with OUTsurance one can phone them on 086 00 60 000, or email them to, you can also visit their website on 

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Direct-insurance quotes is a convenient and fast way for a client to get insurance, for whatever item and through whatever direct-insurance option they may choose.  With the ever increasing technological age we live in at present, the idea of direct-insurance has flourished with the use of the internet. In recent studies it has been shown that direct-insurance has increased by about ten per cent over the last two years, believed to be mainly as a result of the internet.

The new technology that we are exposed to and are able to use make the use of direct-insurance even easier.  This is shown in the ease of getting information and application forms, no hassle and no fuss.  From there one can compare, choose and buy on the spot.

When acquiring direct-insurance quotes from the internet, one deals with the insurance companies directly, with no need for a middleman.  Direct-insurance also makes it possible to compare the best insurance prices in the market according to your particular need.  Another benefit is that one can buy directly online, with no need to consult a salesperson.  As a result of these benefits, the cost of direct-insurance is reduced in comparison the broker insurance. Direct-insurance also enables complete insurance cover immediately, and are wholly available for your need 24 hours a day by means of informative websites that offer you a wide range of direct-insurance policies, options and companies. Therefore, direct-insurance is seen as incredibly accessible.

When dealing with direct-insurance companies, the client has the option of partaking in the deal through the internet or by phone.  The client must request at least three direct-insurance quotes, as to ensure that they have the choice of the best option for them. The ease and informative nature of direct-insurance companies will leave the client insured immediately and will render your search for insurance satisfactory.
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