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Developed in 2003, 1st for Women insurance was the first insurance company to provide insurance options to women only, catering for their particular needs and meeting their short-term insurance requirements.  1st for Women has been inspired by the amazing heroines that have walked the earth, and have been moulded by the stories these incredible women have told that have inspired and amazed not only themselves, but women all over the world.  More particularly, however, 1st for Women has been inspired by the persistence and determination of South African women.

Through 1st for Women’s principles of women and their natures, they are able to offer the women of  South Africa the most cost effective and reliable insurance quotes and options.  1st for Women also sees the need to uplift and support women around South Africa, and take the responsibility upon themselves to assist women through their 1st for Women trust, which provides funds to organisations that are concerned with the support and causes of women.

1st for Women offers a wide range of insurance options, including car, household, life, motorcycle, business, building and portable possessions insurance, which come hand in hand with specific benefits for women pertaining to these insurance options, such as medical, trauma and road assist.

As aninsurance company dedicated to providing unique and specialized insurance options, 1st for Women provides their clients the opportunity to continually review and evaluate their performance and customer satisfaction.  This can be done by contacting their emergency assist number: 0861 00 50 52 However, if one is not a client of 1st for Women yet, one can get information and insurance quotes by visiting their website on

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