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Founded on the premise of the transformation of insurance solutions, as well as the provision thereof, Lion of Africa Insurance in a new type of insurance company which emerged in the South African insurance industry in August 1999. Lion of Africa Insurance strives to empower South Africans by providing quality and affordable insurance options and risk services to these customers by means of their viable and cost effective distribution channels. Lion of Africa Insurance has adopted a vision to be the most profitable insurer in their insurance industry.

Similarly, they have stated their mission as aiming to provide innovation insurance options and solutions to their client by developing cost effective ways of attaining insurance through their distribution channels.This in turn will add value to their stake holder, as well as enhance the already award winning status of Lion of Africa Insurance. By means of Lion of Africa Insurance product range, they cater for both commercial and personal insurance sectors and needs. For commercial insurance needs, a comprehensive plan is offered which covers every aspect in the commercial sector. Within this cover, internal and external liabilities are also covered, protecting the profits of the commercial business. Personal insurance options offered by Lion of Africa Insurance include Lionshare Classic and Lionshare Select.

Lionshare Classic is seen as the high end option as it is Lion of Africa Insurance most comprehensive insurance option. In addition to covering household contents, buildings, vehicles and valuables, it also provides cover for full liability, injury and the costs thereof. Lionshare Select insurance option covers the same items as Lionshare Classic, however presents the client with the option of selecting what they would like to cover, creating a custom plan that would suit the needs of the Lion of Africa Insurance client.
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