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With today’s high petrol prices and global recession, more and more people look for different ways to save money. One way is by simply driving correctly.

By following our tips you will not only save money but will also help to reduce the effects of global warming on our planet.
Every time we drive a car we contribute to the increase of global warming, however driving your car properly can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

1. Did you know that tyre pressure affects your car’s fuel consumption? You can save 3% of your annual consumption by keeping the proper air pressure in your tyres and keeping your engine tuned. Check your tyre pressure every 2 weeks.

2. Another way is by not accelerating promptly from a stop position. By doing so your fuel consumption is doubled, which increases the amount of pollutants that are emitted. Careful driving, no scrambles or sudden stops and a constant speed will reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle and the amount of CO2 being emitted.

3. If you are planning to buy a car, buy a new and smaller car. New cars have the latest technology and are therefore more environmentally friendly and efficient, making them less polluting to our environment. Purchase a car with a low pollution level (green colour), this way you not only reduce pollution but pay less in taxes. Most of us love big cars and large SUV’s but smaller cars also have the advantage that their fuel consumption is lower ( they emit less greenhouse gases)

The market today offers a variety of fuel efficient cars. Always check what the fuel consumption is because there can be up to a 45% difference in different cars.
Being aware will end up saving you more money.



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