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As a new entrant to the short-term money insurance industry in South Africa, the ever evolving Virgin Money company has extended its range of services to this insurance community.  Providing flexibility of solutions to their clients, Virgin Money Insurance provides the managing of the policies easily online.

Not only does Virgin Money Insurance provide the available policies to their clients, it also provides benefits and great rewards through these policies.  The Virgin Money Insurance keeps to its promise in offering good value, positive impact on the world around them and delivering a fair product that will ensure customer satisfaction.

Virgin Money Insurance provides mainly vehicle cover.  The policies available are the Comprehensive option, Third Party, Fire and Theft option or Third party only options.  There are also solutions available for motorcycles, caravans, trailers, watercrafts and contents insurance to mention a few.  The Comprehensive solution allows the client to claim for any theft or damage occurring through accidental damage, as well as the customers’ accessories.  The damage that the client performs to another person or property is also included in the Virgin Money Insurance Comprehensive solution.  The Virgin Money Insurance Third Party, fire and Theft option provide two types of cover.  These covers are for theft of the client’s vehicle and for when the client accidentally damages another person’s vehicle or property. Damage due to fire, lightning or explosions is also included in this Virgin Money Insurance option.  Lastly is the Third Party option, which provides cover when the client accidentally damages another person’s property in the case of an accident.  This also includes injury or death of the third party.

To contact Virgin Money Insurance, one can phone them on 0860 21 21 80, or 0860 999 954.

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