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Insurance rates are generally decided depending on the risk factor of the person that is taking out the car insurance.  A Young car insurance driver is seen as being of a higher risk than those who are older, as they have not had their license, and thus the experience of driving, when compared to the older drivers, which puts them at a perceived higher risk.

The rating of a young car insurance driver is usually below the age of 25 years.  However, included in the rating of the young car insurance driver is usually the length of time that that particular driver has had their license for.  From this information, the premiums that are paid on the car insurance for the young car insurance driver is more expensive.  There is however a way of getting the cheapest option for the young car insurance driver, even though it will be higher than the normal car insurance driver.  This is by using the method of comparing car insurance options as to find which insurance company provide the best offer and most affordable solution to their prospective clients.

The world of the online car insurance makes this process even easier to get through, and provides an endless amount of information pertaining to the particular insurance questions, in this case that of a young car insurance driver.  By entering all the personal and insurance information of the young car insurance driver, a wide range of insurance option are presented to you, at which the young car insurance driver must just choose which solution best suits their personal, financial and insurance requirements.

Car Insurance Comparisons

Even though men tend to complain about how bad women drivers are, it has been proven that women are much less of a risk in the eyes of the insurance companies in comparison to men.  Therefore women car insurance is usually provided at a lower premium than that of men, and therefore work out cheaper for the client.  These notions are made on the assumptions that women are more reliable, careful and safe when it comes to driving.  Their premiums are still justified by their age, location, usage and type of vehicle that the women own, however the women car insurance is more cost effective.

The fact that women car insurance is treated differently to that of men has been taken in by the insurance companies, and has resulted in the formation in specialised solutions and policies for women car insurance.  These women car insurance options are inclusive of their particular needs and requirements and are obviously available at a lower price than that of general car insurance.

The particular women car insurance options available to the prospective woman client are available on many online insurance sites.  These insurance sites provide the women client with the cheapest and best option of women car insurance that are available on the market according to their resources.  The women car insurance notion has boosted the insurance industry in terms of insurance for women and has enhanced the status of the women car insurance market.  These options can be found on internet sites such as and the First For Women car insurance website.

We know you want the best car insurance deal, but how do you find it? Our buyer’s guide will help with car insurance options.
What matters to you?

Choosing the right policy is about deciding how much cover you need, what you can afford and whether you need any extra features on top of the standard policy.
What are your car insurance options?

Third party cover:
The most basic option and usually the cheapest. This policy pays out if you injure someone or damage their car in an accident.

Third party, fire and theft:
In addition to third party cover, your policy also covers the cost of repairs or a replacement car if yours is stolen, damaged or destroyed by fire.

Comprehensive insurance:
All the benefits of the cheaper policies, plus a payout for repairs if your car is damaged in an accident.

The optional extras
Double check which special features are included in your policy and which will cost you extra. You may want to consider additional cover:

  • driving abroad
  • personal accident for you and your family
  • personal belongings stolen from your car
  • legal costs if you end up in court after an accident
  • roadside assistance
  • a courtesy car if yours is off the road

Car Insurance Comparisons


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