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When taking out short term Insurance Policy, one pays either monthly or annually insurance premiums to the insurance company in return for the providing of coverage of your vehicle and yourself. Generally short term auto insurance covers you against loss, damage liability and more.   The premium that must be paid with short term auto insurance is based on the risk profile of the client.  The risk profile includes age, gender, security, value, claims history and other specific factors.  If a high risk is detected, then the premium will be higher than that of lower risk detection.

Short term insurance policy is offered by many insurance companies across South Africa.  The attaining of short term auto insurance can be done traditionally through a broker of the company, or on the internet through online insurance.  When applying for short term auto insurance, the premium is calculated and the policy is made for the individual’s specific requirements and insurance needs.  The short term auto insurance options usually have options to cover the client’s car in the case of damage or theft, naturally and/or accidentally, third party coverage, accessory coverage, injury and medical coverage as well as legal coverage for instances when the car is involved.  The short term auto insurance is a dictator in the car insurance category and is offered by most insurance companies.  Included in the short term auto insurance is usually the insurance of caravans, trailers, watercrafts, motorbikes, luxury cars, collectable cars and specialised cars.  Therefore, every auto insurance needs can be taken care of with the short term auto insurance option.

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As the successor of the well-known SA Eagle insurance company in South Africa, Zurich Insurance has a backing of almost two decades behind it.  Zurich Insurance offers a range of short-term insurance options to its clients and takes pride in being the fourth largest short-term insurance company in the country.  Having invested in professional and expert insurance brokers and agents, Zurich Insurance provides insurance options for individuals, corporate and commercial entities from their wide range of individualised solutions.

Zurich Insurance offers the standard insurance policies for comprehensive home, motor and accident coverage, as well as additional specialised coverage for certain aspects of the individual’s life.  Benefits are also rewarded and gained through the insurance of Zurich Insurance.  The individual insurance that is offered by Zurich Insurance include motor vehicle insurance, household insurance, accident insurance, collectibles insurance for one’s heirlooms and valuable items, Cyclesure for the insurance needs of cyclists during both local and international competitions, Cross Country which entails insurance for owners of 4×4 vehicles as well as the accessories thereof, and lastly the Flexiflite insurance policy offered by Zurich Insurance for business and household insurance that is combined all under one insurance policy.

The Commercial insurance options provided by Zurich Insurance include Small and Medium Commercial entities, BnB Sure for bed and breakfast owners, Collectable for an owner’s corporate valuables, Liquid which provides insurance for small commercial businesses, Aviation Insurance for Zurich Insurance aircraft owners, Engineering insurance for insurance on civil, light industrial and construction engineering projects that is tailor-made to the particular project, as well as Marine Insurance which provides coverage for marine items, resources and transport.

To contact Zurich Insurance one can phone them on 0860 00 90 90 or visit their website for more information on  Zurich Insurance can also be contacted via their website.

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Renasa Insurance is a fully licensed short-term insurance company that caters for client across South Africa.  The company is divided into three geographically around South Africa, these branches being in Kwa Zulu Natal, the Cape and Central South Africa.

Insuring not only the normal range of insurance products, such as building, personal and contents insurance, Renasa Insurance also provides insurance cover for more specialised areas of the insurance industry such as bonds, agricultural insurance, marine insurance, machinery insurance and risk insurance for contractors.  Renasa Insurance also specialises in providing insurance solutions for the previously disadvantaged population of South Africa, taking into account the requirements and needs of these communities.

With the network of insurance brokers that Renasa Insurance uses, Renasa Insurance can understand and design insurance solutions for the individuals.  To enhance their resources and infrastructure, Renasa Insurance has formed an arrangement with Aon Re in Africa as a technical partner, as to have their international infrastructure available to Renasa Insurance. With the revised agreements, arrangements and business strategies, Renasa Insurance aims to have insurance principles that are sound and reliable, to create flexible and tailor made solutions to their clients, and to make many more innovative improvements, as to provide the best service and solutions to their Renasa Insurance clients.

To contact Renasa Insurance one can phone them on 011 380 3080.  Renasa Insurance can also be faxed on 011 380 3088.  Otherwise another option to get more information about Renasa Insurance is to visit their website on
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